Talking wild-wees on Channel 5

We have all been there, your out having a lovely day with your family when your child soils their nappy or says the dreaded words "mummy, I need a wee". It can take us, parents, a long time to find a toilet for our children and can lead to some messy accidents if you don't find one quick enough.

A huge 70% of parents have been forced to resort to what us mums like to call 'wild-wees' and 1 out of 10 mums have fabricated sob stories to try and get restaurants and cafes to grant their child access to their toilets. This issue is becoming worse because of funding cuts from the government and eating establishments putting code locks on their toilet doors, forcing you to make a purchase to receive the code on the bottom of the receipt.

I have teamed up with Domestos and many other mums around the UK to try and tackle the problem by creating a heat map of the areas that are in most need of a public toilet. You can hear more about this pressing issue by watching the video below of my interview with channel 5 news and Raymond Martin, the director of the British Toilet Association.

Interview conducted by Claudia-Liza Armah with Beth Bluck and Raymond Martin.

My experience:

This was my first TV interview so I was very nervous but I was quickly made to feel at ease by the lovely people from Eldeman and Channel 5. We met at the cafe in the ITN building in London and were welcomed by lots of smiles, we were ushered up into what they called 'The Green Room' while things where getting set up to run through how the interview would go after kindly being bought lunch from the cafe. I was then called into make-up where I met the most lovely make-up artist who I confessed my nervousness too, she did a beautiful job with my make-up and I had many compliments on it! It was then time to enter the filming room, fortunately, the interview was being pre-recorded which took some of the pressure off. I walked in and immediately felt a lump in my throat, the bright lights and big cameras were very intimidating, to say the least! Before I even realized, we had begun filming. Surprisingly we were done filming very quickly as they were happy with the first take and didn't feel the need to re-shoot any of the interview which made me feel very proud of myself (I say smugly)! We had a good laugh and a chat before being sent a car to take us back to the train station to return home.

It was a truly amazing experience that I feel very fortunate to of been able to have, I well and truly have the media bug now tho and would love to do it again. I felt very honoured to of been able to speak on behalf of so many parents that struggle with this issue and I hope my actions have helped to raise more awareness and hopefully gain more funding for public toilets!

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