Productivity tips for run-down mothers

It can be hard to stay on track of your new year's goals especially as a mum who barely has any time to spare. I've teamed up with Clever Fox (#gifted) to share with you all my top tips for productivity.

Write it down -

The simple act of writing something down helps to imprint the task into your brain making it less likely for you to forget and by writing your tasks for the day/week/month down you can easily check what you have planned to avoid forgetting important deadlines or double-booking your days.

Minimize interruptions -

We are all guilty of getting distracted by social media so in order to be the most productive switch off the notifications and focus.

Plan your day -

By planning your day and having a clear visual plan you will drastically help to minimize your stress levels. Think of your day as a cake, if you follow a recipe the cake will turn out far better than if you were to just throw the ingredients into the bowl randomly, hoping for the best. As we all know kids thrive off routine so by planning out your day it will help to avoid tantrums too.

Eat a good breakfast -

By starting your day off right with a healthy and high energy breakfast you will be ready to take on anything.

Take the bull by the horns -

By that I mean do your most dreaded task first, everything else will seem easy once that's out the way and you can stop worrying about it.

Visualization -

By actively visualizing the end result of whatever you're hoping to achieve, you will feel much more motivated to get there quicker, thus increasing your productivity. If you have a Clever fox planner like me, there is a handy moodboard section you can use to put pictures, quotes, and drawings to help keep you to visualize your goals. mood board

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