Lockdown with a toddler - Winter Edition| Parenting during coronavirus

Are you in lockdown with a toddler?

The first national lockdown was full of bread baking, sunny walks and cherrished quality time with your household family. Blissfully unaware of just how long and how bad this virus was going to be, those where the days. Now we are in lockdown number 3, its winter so playing in the garden and going on bike rides are not as desirable, everyone is sick to death of their household and you find yourself slowly turning into an overweight alcoholic (if you are anything like me that is). We are all internally screaming for covid to piss off now and many of us are struggling with our mental health. Thats why during this lockdown the focus needs to be shifted.

Mum in lockdown with a toddler

I am going to share with you some of the things that have been helping me to cope during lockdown this winter:

  • Lower your expectations - This lockdown is going to be tough so rather then beating yourself up for not making the most of the family time, getting loads of housework done or for giving your child too much screen time, focus on just getting through each day without crying. The rest can wait.

  • Don't neglect yourself - When we feel low it can be really easy to neglect our basic needs like showering, eating and fresh air. Its important to pick yourself up each day and make yourself feel like a functioning human again.

  • Go for a drive - As long as you dont leave your car you are perfectly within the rules to go for a drive. This is a great way to keep your toddler quite for a while and gives you much needed break during the day.

  • Get moving - There are some brilliant excersize videos for kids that you can get your toddler involved in for free on YouTube, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a favorite of ours. This will keep your little one entertained, burn off some of their energy and will encourage you to get moving too!

  • Video call your relatives - Your toddler will love seeing their grandmas/aunties/whatever face and there are even some fun games that your child can play with the person you are calling. My son has been kept entertained for ages playing Facebook mini games with his nanny while I enjoy my cup of tea in peace.

  • Be patient - This must be so strange and confusing to our children so its understandable that they are going to be irritable and moody. You must have extra patience with them during this time and give them as much normality and routine as possible to help them through all the changes happening around them.

Above all keep reminding yourself that we are all in this together and things will get better in time but for now just focus on getting through the colder months and finding moments of happiness in every day.

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Stay updated with all my latest posts!