How to encourage positive mental health in young children

Its national children's mental health week!

With the rapid rise of people suffering from mental health problems its important that we actively encourage positive mental health in our children from a young age to help prevent them from developing mental health issues later in life. Read some of the best ways you can encourage positive mental health in your young children.

How to encourage positive mental health in young children:


Positive reinforcement

Never take good behavior for granted, it's great to give your child lots of praise when they do as you asked but don't forget to praise good behavior that they did without being asked to do.

Lead by example

Showing your child how to deal with their emotions in a calm way means you will install good mental habits early on and both you and your child will have much more positive mental health the more you practice these healthy mental habits. Remember, emotional intelligence is a skill you have to learn you are not born with it.

Teach them how to build and sustain friendships

There is nothing worse than feeling alone that's why it's important to teach your child how to build and sustain friendships with their peers. Inevitably, all children fall out with one another but it's how that situation is dealt with that makes the difference. By teaching your child how to communicate with other children in a constructive way they are less likely to encounter upsetting playground mishaps.

Be supportive, not pushy

Don't fixate on achievements, you will put your child under too much pressure

Praise your child for the effort they put into something rather than the achievement itself. Regardless of your child wins a particular achievement or not, you should praise the hard work and effort they put in and make them know how proud you are of them.

Teach gratitude

There are many benefits to reflecting at the end of each day and identifying something you are grateful for. This is something that's great to do as a family to promote positive mental health and create a happier household. I have linked to 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude here.

Cut down screen time

There has been research that strongly suggests there is a link between screen time and low mood. Why not turn off the television and have some storytime instead or put some music on instead?

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