Five breastfeeding products every new mum needs

Breastfeeding can be difficult, to say the least, especially after you have just pushed out a tiny human. When I had my firstborn I was completely unprepared and assumed that it would be easy and all come naturally, I was very wrong. My lack of preparation meant I didn't have the right stuff or knowledge to help me through the early days of breastfeeding which ultimately led to me stopping breastfeeding my son after just a week. However, before having my second child I armed myself with the knowledge and products to prepare me for round-two and it made the world of difference. Now 8 months later I am still breastfeeding and love it. So, I've written my top five must-buys to help you through your breastfeeding journey.

Purity Nipple Cream - I have tried a few different nipple creams throughout the months I've been breastfeeding and Purity's has come out on top. Its made from natural and organic ingredients, containing Calendula Flower Extract which is an antibacterial and wound healing ingredient that quickly heals and soothes dry, cracked and sore nipples. (Purity also do a range of skincare products that are made with pregnant women and new mums in mind)

Nursing vests - These vests are ideal for bedtime and the early days of the newborn bubble (when you basically live in your pajamas) as they are very comfortable, provide easy access and can be styled very nicely with a shirt or cardigan making for a quick outfit. I got mine from H & M.

Hydrogel breast discs - These should only be used if you are in a lot of pain as they are quite expensive but they are worth every penny as they provide instant relief and heal cracked and painful nipples quickly. I always keep some handy in my fridge (they work better when they are cold) just in case and they have saved me from a lot of discomfort many times now, particularly in the first couple of weeks. I have an affiliate link to them here.

Nursing bra - This is a breastfeeding essential as you will need extra support once your breasts become bigger because of the breast milk so its important you find one that fits you well and is comfortable. I have tried out a variety of different nursing bras from cheap to expensive and you really do get what you pay for, quality is important. I have a couple of different designs from Bravado Designs which I love, they really comfortable and look good!

Disposable breast pads - I have tried two different brands of re-usable breast pads now as I didn't want to be so wasteful using disposable ones but unfortunately they haven't worked well for me. I found that whilst my milk was still coming in during the first couple months they just kept leaking at night and I would wake up drenched in my own breast milk, it was very unpleasant so I gave up and switched to disposable, they are cheap so I can change them whenever I start to feel uncomfortable. You can pick them up from almost any super-market.

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The first few weeks are always tough but by preparing as much as you can, you are giving yourself the best chance of sticking at it and before you know it you will be breastfeeding while making a cup of tea like a complete natural in no time. Have I missed something? Comment below any breastfeeding products that deserve a spot on the list!


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