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With the world slowly going into lockdown more and more parents are desperately wracking their brains for ideas of fun free activities for kids during isolation. I have spent the past 3 years working from home with young children underfoot. I have had to think of lots of different ways to keep them entertained over the years and now is the perfect time to share what I have learned. I hope this helps other parents who are now having to work from home with their children.

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50 activities for kids during isolation

  1. Make musical instruments out of recycling

  2. Build a fort

  3. Makeup stories together

  4. Build a teddy bear train out of recycling

  5. Finger painting

  6. Search for interesting bits in your home and garden to create a collage with

  7. Mark making (rubbing a crayon on a piece of paper over different textures)

  8. Bake and decorate cupcakes

  9. Plant some plants in the garden

  10. Make macaroni jewelry

  11. Make potato stamps

  12. Draw in flour

  13. Put on a puppet show

  14. Make a maze out of sofa cushions

  15. Make homemade pizzas

  16. Roast marshmallows over the hob

  17. Sing songs

  18. Play parachute games with a bedsheet

  19. Fly paper airplanes

  20. Play with blow up balloons

  21. Play hide and seek

  22. Paint plant pots

  23. Make basic origami

  24. Play with a torch to make shadows

  25. Blindfold your child and play 'guess the food'.

  26. Play eye-spy

  27. Go on a colour scavenger hunt around the house

  28. Make a photo frame out of lollypop sticks, etc.

  29. Play bowling with water bottles and a ball

  30. Practice tongue twisters

  31. Make a car out of boxes

  32. Blow bubbles

  33. Play '20 questions'

  34. Have a staring contest

  35. Play with bubbles in the sink or a bowl

  36. Make a pillow mountain to climb

  37. Make cardboard crowns

  38. Let them raid your wardrobe to play dress up

  39. Have an indoor teddy bears picnic

  40. Pretend to be a horse for your child to ride on

  41. Make marble art

  42. Paint with old sponges

  43. Create a secret handshake together

  44. Plant a watercress seed and watch it grow together

  45. Make a potato person

  46. Dance around together

  47. Make rice crispies treats together

  48. Make a marble drop out of toilet roll tubes

  49. Read stories and act them out as you read to bring them to life

  50. Have a competition on who can build the biggest block tower

It can be hard to think of fun free indoor activities for kids during isolation so share this article with friends and family to give them some inspiration too!

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