5 things you can do instead of trick or treating for Halloween 2020

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Will Halloween happen this year? Of course, Halloween 2020 will just be a little different. During these difficult times, it's important that we keep ourselves and the people around us safe. Will trick or treating be allowed this year? Probably not. Fortunately, there are plenty of spectacularly spooky things you can do to get the whole family into the Halloween 2020 spirit!

Check out these 5 things you can do instead of trick or treating for Halloween 2020:

1. Pumpkin Picking - Many pumpkin patches are still opening up to the public as long as social distancing can be adhered to. We know that coronavirus is far less likely to spread outdoors and with almost all pumpkin patches being typically held outdoors its a great family-friendly activity to do this Halloween 2020.

2. Halloween 2020 'party' - This is mainly for the children of your household as the current guidelines prevent families and friends from going to each other's houses but you can still make it a fun night with just you and your household. Dress up, play Halloween themed games, eat spider cakes, and watch scary movies together!

3. Creepy Crafts - There are hundreds of Halloween themed crafts you can do with your kids on Pinterest. Pick a few that you like the look of and get crafting!

4. Create your own outfits - Not only does this save you money but its also more environmentally friendly. Back in the old days, kids would go around wearing bin bags, cardboard boxes, and faces full of facepaint. These costumes don't make for the most 'Instagram ready' photos but they are far more fun to make!

5. Decorate your home - This is something that the whole family will love getting involved in. Just because trick or treating is off the cards that does not mean you can't have fun decorating your home, inside and out! Its likely kids will still take a walk down their street to check out all the spooky houses so make sure yours is ready. You could even take it one step further and create your own decorations.

Whatever you get up to for Halloween 2020, stay safe and have fun!

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