10 benefits to being a young mum that you didn't know

Becoming a young mum is something that is often frowned upon and is perceived as being a negative thing but it simply isn't true. Yes, there are more difficulties and problems that come with being a young mum such as low income and housing stability in some cases (defiantly not all) but becoming a parent, joyous regardless of your age, is the most amazing, difficult, emotional and joyous isn't thing in the world and nothing will ever compare to it. That being said there are some extra perks us young mums get because of our age when having our children.

Your baby will be able to meet more of your family

My children have been able to meet their grandparents and great grandparents, my firstborn George even got to meet TWO of his great great grandparents! Now that's special.


It gives you perspective and focus

When you become a parent everything is put into perspective and what once mattered to you quickly becomes a thing of the past and you start focusing on you and your baby's future, I found becoming a parent super motivating. Meanwhile, everybody else your age is still more interested in trivial things like who said what and partying (don't get me wrong I still love a good party once in a while but not every weekend).


You don't have to give up or change your career

Rather than giving up a career that's too demanding in order to be home more for your child, you can focus on building a career for myself once your child is old enough. You can get by on flexible part-time work or even carry on studying during the early years so that you can be around as much as possible when your child is young and establish a career for yourself further down the line. Or, you could do what I've done and use that time to build up your own thing and go self-employed!


You will be closer in age

You are more likely to have more things in common and enjoy the same kind of thing because of the smaller age gap (like the Gilmore Girls). When they are older you will still be young enough to go and explore the world and do the things you have always dreamt of doing without getting too tired or having any physical health restrictions (you don't see many 60-year-olds going bungee jumping do you).


You will have more energy

The younger you are the more energy you tend to have so it will be easier to keep up with your child. Kids are tiring no matter what age you are, any mum will tell that, but its more likely going to be harder for a 30-year-old mum than a 20-year-old mum.


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